How to Have a Brain Tumour

Okay, so having a brain tumour, even a benign one, is a bit grim. Having a craniotomy to remove it is also fairly unpleasant. But one of the worst things, is the sense of isolation. Not many people have brain tumours – when I was first diagnosed I didn’t know anyone who’d had brain surgery, and there seemed to be a total lack of information available. When I read online forums, there is still not much information. So, I wrote a little book.

The book has extracts from my diaries, showing how it feels to be told you have a brain tumour. It also has lots of advice, things I learned over an eight year journey: how to deal with neurosurgeons, how to cope with constant pain, what exactly is a migraine, how to prepare for a craniotomy, how to get you driver’s licence returned. Although much of the book is specifically aimed at people with brain tumours, some of it, the sections about facing death, coping with relative’s feelings, would be helpful for anyone diagnosed with a serious illness.

This was a difficult book to write, because I wanted to include issues that are often not discussed, to answer questions that people sometimes daren’t ask.

Obviously, this book will be useful to a relatively small number of people. Please will you help me tell them it’s available? It would be great if you could share the link on your Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and tell anyone you know who might find it useful. It is available from Amazon (and is free if people have the Kindle loan facility). The UK link is below. Thank you.


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